Crabby and Dizzy

Lyn's crabbiness is definitely increasing.  She's actively trying to control conversations around her.  She's correcting Mom and telling her to stop talking about... well, pick a topic.  This has been going on for days.  When we Skyped on Saturday, Mom and I tried to start a conversation on one topic after another and Lyn would tell us to change the topic or stop saying what we were.  So, we asked her what she wanted to talk about and got a "Not that" in response.  She didn't know what she walked to discuss.  I asked if we should talk about a quilt I'm sewing.  She thought about it and decided that was a safe topic.

She's also struggling a bit with dizziness.  She will stand up like she wants to do something or go elsewhere, freeze and then sit right back down.  Mom has observed her putting her head on her knees as well.  When asked what is wrong, Lyn says she's "just a bit dizzy."  We're keeping tabs on it.


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