Training Legislation

On Monday, the governor of Illinois signed legislation into law which outlines the training that caregivers of Alzheimer's patients should undergo.  The law is immediately effective and applies to all types of dementias.

The law outlines how many hours caregiving staff should undergo to get initial training and annual follow up training.  This is good.  They are trying to provide a base set of guidelines for all professional caregivers.  Please note the inclusion of the word "professional" in the previous sentence.  The way this law is written, it mentions "staff."  It does not mention unpaid caregivers such as family members.

I recognize that volunteer or familial caregivers are not regulated.  However, I do feel strongly that all caregivers should have the opportunity to learn of training opportunities.  I would like to see these classes advertised and made available to the public; not just professional caregivers.  I would like to see the unpaid caregivers highly encouraged to avail themselves of the training even if the the state decides to not force them to take the classes.


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