Not Processing Well

Mom writes:

"I realized over the past couple days how she has really regressed.  Her speech is jumbled.  Her confusion has increased.  As we left dayhab today, before we got to the car, I asked if she had another good day.  She didn't answer for a few minutes until I asked what she did today.

"I don't know.  I don't remember what I did."  I asked if she had fun.  "I guess."

Then she began telling me about being told she could open a box of pictures.  When asked what the pictures were about she didn't know.  "People doing things.  Maybe playing with a ball."  So I asked if they were pics of other clients.  "No, from books."

By this time we were less than a mile from dayhab.

This morning I said I didn't know what to fix for dinner.  "I knew but don't remember."  I then asked about a steak.  "No."  What about meatloaf?  "no."  How about chicken?  "I don't think I like chicken."  So I dropped it and we talked about the balloon that landed across the street.  However, when we were almost home I said I'm going to grill drumsticks.  "Oh good.  I like them."

At least I'm not fixing chicken."


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