Hospital Visits

Last week, I let you know that Mom and Lyn drove to Tennessee to visit with my Aunt and Uncle because my Aunt is in the hospital.  Lyn was happy to see them and our other relatives living in the area.   

She was upset to see my Aunt so ill but kept her tears to the times when they were not in the room with my Aunt.   Lyn was in the moment and recognized that her emotions could impact others and kept herself calm.    However, in the pictures, you can see how stiffly she's holding herself due to being uncomfortable and unsure what to do about it.

The timing of the visit, while sudden, turned out to be a good thing.  Lyn tolerated the trip better than anyone anticipated or could have hoped.  Lyn really didn't realize that they were no longer in New Mexico.  She wasn't in her routine at all  However, she was with Mom, got to eat out every day and the interactions with other people involved people she loves and/or very small groups.  As a result, she really wasn't overwhelmed or overstimulated.  

Mom, Lyn, my Aunt and Uncle all agree that the visit was a very good thing.

One closing thought for the night:  Dear Me!  My Uncle looks SO much like my Grandpa!!


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