Of Carpet Care

In our Skype conversation, Lyn took an opportunity to stress that Mom should not vacuum her room. I asked her why and she struggled to say that she just doesn't like it.  A week ago, she did say she didn't like the way it looked.  We asked her if she liked her room clean or dirty.  Dirty was her preference.  We asked her if it would bother her to walk on dirty carpet.  It would not bother her because she wears socks all the time.  She didn't care about dust which blows in from her windows, dirt tracked in on her shoes or hair shed by her or Nikka.

So, Mom agreed that she heard and understood what Lyn was saying.  Mom did not agree to forgo the vacuuming.

Lyn didn't notice that Mom had vacuumed her room this week as well.  After she had run the vacuum, Mom had walked around Lyn's room several times to disrupt the straight lines from the vacuuming.  Problem solved.


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