The Funnies

Lyn's been pretty funny this past week.

Mom wrote about something which happened during their trip to visit my Aunt:
"I've always had a habit of looking at license plates to see whee people are from.  I did the same on the road last week.  Lyn got pretty good at spotting cars from TX, OK, and VA.  As we went through Arkansas and Tennessee, I would say the name of the state on the car.  However, more than once when she'd look at it she'd say "they aren't from here."  I said "Actually, they are from here but we were the strangers."  The Look....  This made no sense to her since we don't see too many cars in NM from those states.  I am proud of myself for not laughing out loud.

On Friday, after their return, Mom reached into the freezer to pull select something to thaw for dinner.  Lyn asked "Since coming back, do you remember how to make spaghetti?" Mom laughed and told Lyn she remembered. "Well, that would be easy for you to make tonight."  It was a statement; not a request.  Spaghetti was the menu that night.

On Sunday, Mom asked Lyn to tell her when she wanted lunch.  "Ok.  But do we have to have something from here?"  Mom said they would have lunch at home.  "I'm sure I can fix you something."  "I hope so," Lyn replied.


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