She Doesn't Like

Lyn has reprimanded Mom on many occasions for folding her clothes, for hanging her clothes, or for cleaning her bathroom.  We can add another thing Lyn doesn't like to the list.

Lyn stripped her bed before she left to go bowling with her respite provider.  While she was gone, Mom put fresh sheets on the bed and then ran the vacuum.  When Lyn got home, she went to put her bowling ball away in her room and came storming back out, interrupting the conversation Mom was having with the respite provider.

"You know I don't like that!" she sputtered.
"You don't like what?"
"I don't like my room vacuumed!" The respite provider burst out laughing and Lyn shot her The Look.
"I didn't realize that using the vacuum wasn't allowed in your room." Mom remained calm.

The respite provider asked why she didn't like her room being vacuumed and got a response of "I don't like the way it looks."  Lyn didn't budge in her opinion when asked posed with the scenario of a stone or thorn being stepped on.

When Mom tucked Lyn into bed, Lyn reminded Mom that the next time she cleans she doesn't need to do Lyn's room.  I'm sure that Mom will conveniently forget that Lyn doesn't like her room cleaned and will do it again.  Lyn may forget that she doesn't like having the room clean and accept it.


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