To Light the Night

A couple of weeks ago during our Skype conversation, Lyn was very agitated.  She told us that she needed more light at night.  She didn't feel that the three nightlights were enough.

She has one in her room, one in the hall way, and one in the bathroom.  While that may be enough light for many of us, it isn't enough for her.  Alzheimer's makes it difficult for her to interpret the shadows.  Her environment looks different when it is dark and it can cause anxiety if she doesn't recognize where she is.  The request was actually reasonable when you think of it from her perspective.

Mom and I asked Lyn where she wants the new night light.  Lyn said they needed to leave to go buy another nightlight right away and then she could decide.  Mom said that leaving wasn't necessary because there was an extra nightlight in the house already.  Lyn was not pleased with that answer.

We have let the topic sit since then.

On Monday, Mom asked Lyn where she wanted the extra nightlight and received The Look.  Lyn proceeded to explain that another nightlight was not needed because they have enough already.  Mom didn't try to remind Lyn of the conversation.  It would have just made Lyn mad because she cannot remember.  Mom played it off as though she was just wondering if they needed more or if there was enough.

For now, the spare nightlight is on the shelf until it is needed.


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