As Mom and Lyn were driving back to New Mexico, Mom couldn't help but notice a series of billboards advertising a male dance show called Australia's Thunder from Down Under.   They were to perform at one of the many casinos along I-40.

Mom asked if Lyn had seen the billboard.  She had not noticed it.  Mom explained it was a picture of 5 handsome men without their shirts.  Lyn saw no humor in this, saying they were not appropriately (unappropriated) dressed and should not have their picture taken like that.  So, each time they passed one of the billboards, Mom started making comments and Lyn eventually began to relax her attitude about them.

Mom suggested they stop and see what the thunder was all about.  Lyn replied "No.  We already drove through rain."

At the next billboard, Mom suggested they stop and see if the men want to come to Albuquerque to show Mom and Lyn their show.  Lyn replied "No.  They won't fit in our car."  Mom suggested seeing if just two of the men wanted to join them.  "No.  They can't."  Lyn didn't know why they couldn't but she was adamant.

At the next billboard, Mom suggested that she needed to stop.  She could run in and just grab one of them to come to the car.  They could quickly get on the highway with him.  Lyn asked "What would he do?"  Mom said he would be nice and show them the dance.  Mom would offer to fix him dinner.  Lyn rejected that scenario because "he has to go back."  When Mom suggested he could stay, Lyn flipped around and shot Mom one of the most intense versions of The Look yet.

As they approached the desired exit, Mom pointed out that was the exit to the men.  Lyn responded with "You can't stop.  We don't live here and the police will get mad."  Mom kept driving.  If I had been with her instead, we would have stopped.

I'd like it noted for the record that I'm not the only one to instigate with her.


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