After the Storm

After Hurricane Felix moved on and stopped threatening Virginia in 1995, we were able to resume our vacation plans.  We had planned to visit the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk.  Since the hurricane did not come ashore, we were able to visit without having to contend with downed trees, damaged buildings or flooding.  One thing we did not anticipate, however, were jelly fish.  

We arrived at the Chrysler Museum.  The Chrysler sits on a small inlet.  We walked over to the water's edge and noticed some movement in the water.  The water was packed with jelly fish.  There were thousands sliding over each other in the calm water in front of the museum.  

Checking out the jelly fish
Lyn was fascinated with watching them and we stood there for some time.  We tried to take pictures of them but none of them were ever good enough to show what we were seeing.  


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