Another Area Games

On Saturday, Lyn competed once again in another area games.  She and Mom had to be out at location by 7am and had to factor in the traffic from the balloon fiesta.  By taking a more Westerly route, they were able to avoid the balloon related traffic.  As they were driving, they got to watch the dawn patrol confirm the conditions were right for mass lift-off and the first wave of balloons raise into the sky with the sun.

Mom watched each game, praising each frame.  Mom comments, "Oh, the changes I could see in what she did & how.  I praised each frame.  She stood sideways, didn't look to see where to throw it and just threw.  But she had fun and is proud of herself and that's all that counts."  

Lyn had three games to bowl and did quite well.  She scored a 134, 97 and 114.  Her scores were good enough to bring in a second place ribbon!  She had fun and was excited to participate.

They were done by 10am and were looking for a meal.  By noon, they were back home, heading for a nap.  It was a great morning for Lyn.


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