Weathering the Storm

Mom and Lyn are safe and sound in New Mexico.  They are starting to feel the creeping chill of winter coming on, but they are not impacted by Hurricane Sandy in any way other than wondering how my family and I are weathering the storm.  In our Skype conversation on Sunday, Lyn burst into tears when asking if we were adequately prepared and offering advice on having extra water on hand.  I promised her that we would call them each day until Sandy passes to make sure they know we are well and safe.

Mom has been through a hurricane or two in her life and she doesn't like them at all.  When my husband and I lived in Virginia Beach, we went through several.  In 1995, Hurricane Felix  threatened to come ashore while Mom and Lyn were visiting.

Waiting for Felix

It was nerve wracking for them more than it was for us.  Felix ended up staying out at sea and Pat Robertson claimed he had prayed it away.  It was enough of a storm that Mom and Lyn have mostly timed their visits to the East Coast to happen outside of hurricane season each year ever since.

The last significant storm that my family and I experienced before Sandy was Hurricane Isabel in 2003.  It was the last hurricane before we moved further North and further in-land.  It was the first time in years that Mom and Lyn were trying to come in for a visit during hurricane season.  We were without power for 8 days and Mom was seriously contemplating canceling their trip as a result.  I convinced her the power would return before their arrival.  It did.  Just hours before they arrived, the lights came back on and we were able to have our first hot showers in a week.  It was a luxury!

Mom and Lyn are not coming to the East Coast anytime soon.  However, they'll be paying close attention to the news and tracking the storm over the next couple of days, hoping and praying that those of us who are hunkered down in our homes for the duration remain safe and sound.


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