The 26 Mile Yard Sale

Lyn accompanied Mom and their lovely neighbor up into Jemez yesterday.  They wanted to see an arts and craft show and initially didn't know about the 26 mile yard sale until a lady mentioned it at the craft show they attended recently.

The yard sale began in San Isidro where you turned off the highway to go north to Jemez.  They didn't know what to expect and found yard sales at houses every mile or so.  The 26 mile yard sale was a coordinated event to bring folks up that route where they may not normally go looking for a yard sale.  They didn't stop because they were looking for the art show at the Jemez visitor center.  The visitor center had several tables set up for the artists.  At one table, Mom commented to her neighbor that the pottery for sale was actually Acoma in origin.  The artist confirmed saying she was from Acoma but lived there in Jemez.

After viewing the items up for sale, they went on into Jemez springs and stopped at a little coffee shop for lunch.  The place was busy and had wonderful food including bison burritos and tortillas that were red from having tomatoes incorporated into them.  As they left the coffee shop, Lyn commented that they didn't need to continue on.  She was ready to return home.  Mom let her know that they were going to continue North at least to Soda Dam which Lyn has visited numerous times in her life.  Lyn agreed to go that far.  As they drove past the dam and saw the people climbing on the rocks, Lyn told Mom she could turn around now.  Mom deferred a few more minutes because she and the neighbor were enjoying the colors around them.  Jemez has such red soil, the leaves were changing and the sky was that distinctive blue for which New Mexico is known.

Mom started looking for a place to turn around shortly after passing the dam.  She had glanced back and noticed Lyn was getting nervous.  By the time they had retraced their steps and gotten back on the highway to return to Albuquerque, Lyn was shaking.  They were home by 2 in the afternoon.

It seems like Lyn's retracting from the world a bit more.  Previously, she would not have gotten nervous until late in the afternoon.  Now, she's less willing to travel out of Albuquerque unless they will be returning home right after lunch.  She's also spending less time out with her respite provider.  Her new normal has her coming home about 7pm instead of 8 or 9 and being ready for bed right away.


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