The Stay Calm Book

On Tuesday, Lyn's team gathered together to have their monthly meeting and to review the TEASC recommendations.  During the meeting, Mom was telling them about the weekend trip up to Jemez and how Lyn got nervous at the end.  Mom stated that she doesn't want Lyn to dictate the agenda 100% of the time which is why she didn't turn around when Lyn said she wanted to go home.  Lyn decided to interject and came up with a great idea.  I'll let Mom explain.

Mom writes:
She interrupted, in a loud voice, "you know what we could do?"  Everyone turned and looked at her as I asked "What?"  She said, "We could make me a book with pictures where we are and I could look at it while we drive."  You could all but see lightbulbs go off over all of us.  I said that was an excellent idea.  "What things would you like in it?"  She wants pictures of where we are going.  I said I was glad someone was smart and could think of such a great idea.  I got The Look.  Her speech therapist told her that was one of the best ideas she'd ever heard.  We decided on Sunday we'll go find a book. We will pick out pictures and glue them in it.  When we go someplace, she can look through the pictures and get an idea what to expect.  She said "It will calm me down."  There was a picture in the paper of trees turning colors and she wanted that one cut out since it looked like the trees in Jemez. We will go thru some photos as well.


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