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Yesterday morning, while waiting for speech therapy to begin, Mom and Lyn got to watch the balloons fly towards their house.

A large blue balloon landed in the field about a block away from their house and Lyn was just beside herself with excitement.  She took a picture.  The passengers in the balloon disembarked and more loaded up from the chase crew vehicles.  A few minutes later, the balloon lifted off and continued on its way.  Lyn wanted to know if they knew anyone who was on the balloon.

The balloons flying over the house were a great distraction for Lyn.  She couldn't focus on her therapy session until Mom lowered all the shades.  They were all around the house.

After therapy, they had to drive over to day hab.  There were still several hundred balloons in the air.  Lyn was so excited that she was shaking in the car ride over.  She kept pointing out all the balloons that she was spotting.  Mom says the delight in her face, the dancing of her eyes was like someone who had never seen the fiesta before.

Most mornings, Lyn looks out the patio door to count how many balloons are up.  Typically, there are anywhere from 2 to a couple of dozen at any day of the year.  Lyn's seen the balloon fiesta nearly every year of her life.  She's had hundreds of balloons fly over the house.  This is true of the current home, my grandparents home and the home where we grew up on the other side of town.   So, it is not like she's never seen this.

It is good to know that the balloons still evoke such delight and excitement in her!


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