Team Meeting

As I mentioned yesterday, Lyn's team got together to discuss the TEASC recommendations.  In attendance were Lyn's speech therapist, two ladies from day hab, two case manager, the nurse from the agency which provides the case management, Mom and Lyn.  

They started off the meeting by saying that the TEASC report is considered an official document that bears weight in Lyn's case management.  They then went through all of the findings and recommendations and discussed each one.  

When they discussed the TEASC's finding that Lyn has an anxiety disorder such as agoraphobia, the team was a bit surprised that Mom stated she believe that one to be incorrect.  She pointed out that there have been multiple statements from Lyn's care providers that she has atypical Sundowners.   A therapist who has known Lyn for over a decade  happened to call last week to check on her and also disagrees with the agoraphobia suggestion.  

The team has agreed that Lyn should be seen by a geriatric neurologist who may help them better understand the course of her Alzheimer's progression.  (Mom has already called to get Lyn scheduled.)  They also agree that there's no reason to repeat an MRI.  However, they are seriously considering repeating the EEG and the neuropsych evaluation within a year to compare to the ones done a year ago.      They will all look for opportunities to increase Lyn's exercise in a manner to which she will cooperate and participate.  Mom will continue attending the Alzheimer's support group monthly.

The primary recommendation for which there was disagreement was in the use of medication to slow the progression of Lyn's Alzheimer's.  Lyn does not want to take medication.  Period.  Full stop.  Mom doesn't see a reason to slow the inevitable.  Lyn has a terminal condition for which there is no cure.  Several members of the team stated that the meds would help keep Lyn as high functioning and independent as possible.  However, the meds do not work for everyone and carry significant risk of serious side-effects.  

The truth of the matter is that early on-set Alzheimer's is aggressive and is progressing with Lyn as we speak.  Most recently, Mom has realized that Lyn has had a significant hygiene change that is impacting daily life.  When Lyn goes to the restroom, Mom has to send her back 2 to 3 times to go clean herself properly.  If she's menstruating, Lyn wouldn't even change her pads until bath time if she wasn't reminded to do so every couple of hours.  

It is hard to say where Lyn's capacity will be in 6 months.


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