Apple Sauce

Every fall, Mom makes apple sauce.  It is thick and chunky and wonderfully spiced.  It was like magic when she would whip it up in our youth.  There always just happened to be too much apple sauce for the prepared jars and we'd have to have the hot apple sauce ladled over the vanilla ice cream which just happened to be in the freezer.  Magic, I say.

It is that time of year and the magic is happening again.  Mom writes:

Last week, I had half of the big bag of apples left from our trip to the Manzanos.  I had been to the grocery store and almost bought the single serving packs of applesauce for her lunch.  I stopped myself when I remembered we have apples.  So, I came home, cut them and cooked them up, peelings included.  She wanted to know what I was doing and I said "Making applesauce."  She looked a little surprised but didn't say anything.  She wasn't to be picked up for Merry Makers until 6pm.  This gave her time to come and supervise.  As they cooked, I prepared the jars.  When I began running the cooked apples through the processor, she "wondered" if I was going to put sugar and cinnamon with it.  Yes, I promised I would. 

When it was done, 5 pints, I did the water bath.  There was about 1/2 pt that went in a bowl for the fridge and I offered a taste.  She took it and a look of shock!!!! "I had no idea you knew how to make this."

Sorry I've never made applesauce.  Well, hadn't made it in about one month.


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