Break in Routine

Breaks in routine are very hard on Lyn because she relies on consistent activities in order to know where she is in her day and what she can anticipate coming up.

Lyn's respite provider has had her car in the shop for the past several days and has been unable to take Lyn out as they normally are scheduled to do.  Mom has sought out daily activities more than normal as a result.  They have gone out to an early dinner, taking their lovely neighbor to one of my favorite restaurants.  They drove out to an orchard in the mountains to pick apples.  They even went out to breakfast at Tim's Place after getting their flu shots.

Despite providing a daily activity, Lyn has asked multiple times each day about her respite provider, the provider's car and when they would be back on schedule.  She's ended in tears on their way home from dinner with the neighbor.  Mom had to work very hard to keep Lyn from going into an anxious state on their way to the orchard because it was further out than the directions seemed to indicate.  The further they drove, the more worried Lyn became.

Lyn knows they should be back on schedule by Thursday and she's counting down the days.  So is Mom.


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