Bell Tower Supports

In the spring of 2002, Sacred Heart Parish in Albuquerque requested a two I-beams from the remains of the World Trade Center buildings in New York.  The church was preparing to build a new bell tower and wanted to incorporate the beams into the building.  It was apparently the first such request for salvage pieces to be incorporated and memorialized in a new structure.  Many new structures have since been built incorporating September 11 steel.

When the beams arrived in Albuquerque, they were set up in a parking lot across from the church so that visitors could come and see them.  Mom and Lyn went one afternoon before they were incorporated into the new bell tower.  Lyn didn't understand the significance of the beams and was just along for the opportunity to be out and about.  When Mom reached out and touched the beams, Lyn commented "You look so solemn."  Mom was deeply moved even though her companion was not.


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