Bedtime Adventures

You never know what Lyn's going to come up with any given night as she prepares for bed.

Recently, she asked Mom "Do some people get into their pajamas after they take their bath?"  It was an early evening and Mom confirmed that they did so they could completely relax.  Lyn followed up with "I kinda wondered because I might try that."  Lyn gets into her pajamas after her bath unless she's going out with her respite provider.  So, 26 days out of 30, she does exactly this.  This exchange made Mom and I smile.

Earlier this week, Lyn stayed up a little late.  When she did go to bed, Mom suddenly could hear her howling with laughter and realized Nikka was not in sight.  Nikka had followed Lyn to her room and was up on the bed.  Lyn would put her blanket on the dog.  The dog would look sad but didn't move.  Lyn was laughing in peals each time they did this.  When the dog spotted Mom, she jumped off the bed, ran for a drink and ran back to jump on the bed again.  Mom grabbed the blanket and covered the dog to Lyn's delight.  She was squealing as the dog just sat there looking sad.

Along the same lines, there was an incident earlier this month.  One afternoon, shortly after they got home Lyn bumped the couch, not hard, and Mom heard "Oh Damn."  When asked what she said, Lyn never turned around when answering "a bad word."  Later she put something on the table but it slipped off and Mom heard "God" then she turned around and said "Oops."  Mom asked who has been saying those things and with a straight face, Lyn said "I don't know" and went about her business.  It was difficult for Mom to not laugh.


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