Of Blanket Boxes and Toes

Seven years ago, Mom and Lyn moved into their home.  Seven years ago, Mom placed a wooden blanket box in Lyn's room where it has remained since.  It is in the corner furthest from the door.  It is now in need of a new location in the home.

Lyn has started kicking it pretty regularly as she walks by it.  She's not kicking it on purpose and is not doing so in anger.  She's unstable and she's walking right into it.  Last week, she bruised her toe on it.

The area to walk by the box really is big enough for most people.  Lyn's not most people.  So, while the box has been in the same spot since they moved in, Mom's now measuring to find the best location for it out of Lyn's path.  Even if it ends up in the garage for a time, it is better there then causing Lyn to injure herself in its current position.


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