In yesterday's post, Mom mentioned my sister's "Temperance lecture."  It may be time to explain.  Lyn's very opposed to imbibing alcohol.

Lyn doesn't drink alcohol and doesn't think others should either.  She used to just answer "No WAY!" if someone asked her if she drank, liked beer or wanted something alcoholic to drink.  She knows she's old enough to have something alcoholic but is adamant in her refusal to the point that it is almost comical.  We were not raised in a dry household and I'm not sure where she picked up this absolutist stance.

She knows I feel differently.  She's seen the wine and other alcohol in my house.  She's seen me cook with it and drink it.  Generally, she doesn't lecture me about me.  She will lecture me about the ills of drinking for others.

When we visit in August, we'll also be attending the wedding of my dear friend who was my Maid of Honor many moons ago.  Mom offered to keep my children overnight so that my husband and I can freely attend the reception.  It was a winning proposal.  Lyn and the children will do fine at the wedding.  Lyn won't do well at the reception.  My kids don't need to be out late.  My husband and I would very much like to celebrate my friend's wedding and Mom loves the time with her grandchildren.  So, date night!  By staying at the hotel, we don't have to worry about a designated driver.

When we were talking these plans over with Mom, Lyn started lecturing about how other people might drink too much and that we needed to be off the streets by dark.  We explained that by staying at the hotel for a night, we didn't need to worry about drunk drivers.  We just didn't explain that we would also be ordering a drink or two for ourselves.

Anytime the wedding is brought up, she'll go into her Temperance lecture and talk about the ills of alcohol, mostly drunk driving.  She'll go into this lecture when the concept of party planning involves alcohol as well.  You would almost think that she was a member of the Women's Christian Temperance   Union from the late 1800s.  I'm just thankful that she's not as aggressive in her stance as the legendary Carrie Nation.


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