Increasing Agitation

Mom and I are noticing an increase in Lyn's agitation levels.  She is up out of her chair more, pacing.  She's moving a bit faster than normal and her movements speak of her agitation.  A quick shuffle to one side of the room where she twists about like she's looking for something and then a quick shuffle to the other side of the room.  She might pick something up, put it down and come back a time or two before settling for a conversation.  On Sunday, I watched as she did this for more than five minutes at the start of our call.  

She's also becoming harder to redirect.  When she gets a thought in her head, she's latching onto it as though it is the only thing that matters.  On Sunday, for example, she was mad that her respite provider had asked if she wanted to visit yard sales or if she ever wanted to visit a bar.  The Temperance lecture was out in full force about how "I don't drink and I never have.  I don't like that stuff."  I was able to distract her by showing her the cards she and Mom sent in the mail for my husband's birthday.  Lyn was happy to see that he had received the cards and that they had arrived in plenty of time.  

Lyn's also struggling more to get out her thoughts.  "What I mean is...  I was thinking... For the first point..." and on it goes until she gets past the hurdle of her thought and gets it out.  

These are just the ongoing changes we see with her right now.


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