The Picnic

Mom, Lyn and their lovely neighbor had a nice trip out to Quarai for the picnic.  They were able to walk the trail around the ruins before sitting beneath the cotton wood trees to eat their lunch.  The land was turning green from the recent rains and the lizards were fat as they scurried among the leaves around the picnic tables.  Lyn even stopped to pose for a picture or two.

Before they left, they heard a chirping bark originating in the tree above them.  Mom got up and circled the tree to see if she could find the source of the sound.  It was a ground squirrel scurried past them from his burrow a few minutes before.  He was high in the tree, stretched along a branch, watching them and barking a warning to the others.  They've never seen a ground squirrel up a tree before.  It was quite a topic of conversation with Lyn when we spoke after the picnic.

She had a good time.  She was excited to go "someplace new", having forgotten that she's been here before.  She had a happy day.

When the neighbor showed Lyn this picture, Lyn commented "I look good!"  Her memory may be failing, but her humility is right where it always has been.


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