Mom commented yesterday that Lyn and I have always been opposites.  I don't think you could have planned it do the degree that we are however.

She's blonde, taller than me and used to be slimmer.   I'm brunette, shorter than her and always on the heavier side.  She's an award winning athlete and I'm bookish.  She's an extravert and I'm an introvert.  Blue eyes to brown eyes.  Conservative to liberal.  Gregarious to serious.  The differences go on and on.

I may not be able to confide in her or share an understanding about the foibles of my children.  I'll never hold a child of hers or witness her wedding.  I'll never see her graduate from college or be able to share with her what I've learned in my reading nor the challenges I face at work.  

We've touched on these differences before, but they bely the similarities.  We both love our family and dogs and a good laugh.  We like to play jokes on each other and spend time with each other.    We like being available to show support for each other.  I've attended more Special Olympics events than I can count.  She's attended school activities for me including choir concerts and even my college graduation.  

She's my sister no matter how different we may be.


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