The Fourth of July is is not an easy day for Lyn nor are the days surrounding the holiday.

Lyn hates hearing the fireworks shooting into the air around their home.  The booms and whistles hurt her ears.  Even thunder hurts her ears and it has for as long as any of us can remember.  The sounds come at irregular intervals and she cannot anticipate when the next boom will occur.  This just increases her tension and anxiety.  Fold in the gun shots which are also common in the area and she's a jittery mess.

Even if she wants to go to bed at her normal 5:30 to 6:30 time, she' won't because fireworks will wake her up.  So, it is a long, agitated night.

Lyn will stay up, huddled on the couch with Mom and Nikka until the majority of the fireworks are over and she can finally collapse into bed.  She'll be a bear tomorrow, a bit louder and more belligerent than usual.  Ah well... nothing new or unexpected.  Just another night to help her get through.


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