The Difference a Week Makes

A week ago, Mom, Lyn and their lovely neighbor decide that it was time to pack picnic lunch and go out for an afternoon.  Mom suggested Quarai.  The neighbor had never been and readily accepted the suggestion.  Lyn remembered our previous visit to Quarai which was only one of a number of times she's been there.

The week has passed.  A rain fell and brought the first water they've had in about 8 months.  The grass will have popped in tufts from the red sandy soil.  They are still planning their picnic tomorrow and Lyn wanted to know where they were going.

Mom told Lyn once again that they would picnic at Quarai.  In the week since they first made their plans, Lyn has forgotten what Quarai is or where it located.  She has forgotten that she's been there before.

She has told their neighbor "We're going some place new!"


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