Collecting Pennies

Lyn's happy that I sent her the glass milk bottle I had in the back of the pantry.  The pennies fit into the mouth of the bottle easily for Lyn.

She's been collecting pennies for a while and does not like to take them out of her purse.  Her purse has been getting a bit heavier over the past few weeks.  The bottle has convinced her to take them out so she can save them in the bottle where she can easily see them.  She has decided to collect pennies because she and Mom "will need money if we go traveling this summer."

Lyn approached their lovely neighbor and told her "if you have any old pennies you don't use anymore, I'll take them."  She's subtle like that.  She also decided she needed to find a way to earn more pennies. She thought about it and felt that shredding papers for Mom would be a good way to earn pennies.  When we had a conversation yesterday, she proudly showed off the bag of shredded papers, the contents of a two-drawer file cabinet that Mom needed emptied.  Lyn has even extended the offer of this paid service to her speech therapist, asking for payment in pennies only.

She's happy about how she's collecting pennies and wants to fill up her bottle.  If she fills that one up, I'll get her another.


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