Of Wine Bottles and Pennies

Over the weekend, Mom and Lyn went out to dinner with their lovely neighbor.  During dinner, Lyn said "If I had a wine bottle."  That was it.  Nothing more.  She must have felt her thought was complete.  Alzheimer's leads to interesting conversations like this.

Mom and the lovely neighbor gasp as Lyn just lets that fragment hang.

"I have a penny and if I had a wine bottle..."  she expanded after a bit.  Mom hates the mid-sentence stop and tries to prompt more out of her.  In this instance, she asked why Lyn needed a wine bottle.

"Well, I have pennies."  she says leaving Mom to fill in the blanks.  Mom asked if she would use it for a bank.  "Yes!  Of course!"  Now we're getting somewhere.

"You know all the bottles you have at home?  I could use one."  Mom pointed out that they were unopened and full of wine.  "Yes, but when the kids come and my sister empties them, I could use one."

Apparently, I have a reputation to live up to and a wine tasting to oversee while there in August.  I'll happily do that, but I'm going to send Lyn a milk bottle that I have because the opening of a wine bottle is actually too small to allow a penny through.

Testing Lyn's theory on wine bottles and pennies.


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