Abo Ruins

Today, Mom and I took everyone to Abo Ruins outside of Mountainaire, NM. It was a spur of the moment trip because our original plans fell through. The important point for Lyn is that we DO something today, even if it wasn't what was originally scheduled. Something as simple as running to purchase a gallon of milk satisfies her "must do something today" need.

I've never been to Abo before and it is beautiful. It was occupied for over 600 years and much of it remains unexcavated today. The ruins are made of red sandstone pulled from the nearby land and stacked into walls that are up to five feet thick. Some of the walls were more than thirty feet high.

The ruins have a well made path which should be easy to navigate even in a wheelchair. There was one spot, and only one, which had three steps. Lyn needed assistance going down the three steps. There was no railing. So, she held onto Mom. Even though she was holding Mom, she was still a bit shaky.

Lyn enjoys trips, especially day trips. This way, she can do something, go somewhere, see something and yet know she'll be in her own environment when evening comes. Day trips make for a happy Lyn.

A happy Lyn makes for an easier day for everyone.


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