Rio Grande Gorge

Today's day trip took us North to Taos and the Rio Grande Gorge.

Lyn knew this was our plan for the day. We arrived in Taos at noon, found a place to park and headed in for some lunch. As we walked the few blocks from our parking place to the restaurant, Lyn had a bit of a tiff. I honestly don't know why she got snippy. I'm not sure she would be able to express it even if she understood her motivations. A quick reprimand from Mom resulted in a brief, 10 minute pout which was alleviated by the ordering of lunch.

After lunch, we headed out of Taos to view the Rio Grande Gorge. It was a short trip to the pull-off and then an easy walk to the viewing spots on the bridge which spans the gorge. The river was 650 feet below us.

Lyn did well during this part of the trip though she was a bit unsteady when stepping on or off the sidewalk. She seemed very comfortable standing on the observation platform, looking down into the gorge.

We drove towards Cimarron before catching I-25 back towards Lyn's home. By the time we were out of Cimarron and the surrounding mountains, it was 5pm. The sun was still high in the sky. The shadows were beginning to lengthen. Lyn panicked. She didn't know exactly where we were. She was also tired. She said "I have a bad feeling." When I said "About what?", she burst into tears. We knew we were still a couple of hours from home. So, we stopped for dinner and then completed our drive, arriving home after dark.

A couple of times during the drive, we had to point out that no one was ignoring her. We were interacting with her as best as we could in the car. She is so used to being the complete center of attention that she struggles a bit when we visit. When she goes out with her respite provider, it is complete one-on-one time. When we visit, the needs of multiple people have to be factored into the daily planning.

She and Mom have decided that she needs a quiet day tomorrow. We'll head off and do our own thing. I'm sure Lyn and Mom will do something out of the house, even if it is just running for a gallon of milk.


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