Two Doctor Visits this week

Lyn had a physical today by her new primary care physician.  Lyn was cooperative and in a good mood.  She did not want to have Mom in the waiting room for the exam when she normally would.  Mom theorizes that it is because Lyn does not like the new primary care physician.  Nothing unexpected came out of the exam.  A previous physical had been done by the physician's assistant that Lyn prefers.  Unfortunately, this exam was not accepted by the state as part of the disability care program in which my sister participates because it was not performed by an MD.

Earlier in the week, Lyn had her semi-annual dental visit and cleaning.  Mom wrote the following about that visit:

"We just got back from Dr. H's, dentist.  I told him of this new development.  He's so very nice and understanding.  Told him what the PCP  said about her breathing causing the brain damage.  He said "sleep apnea is the new, popular problem for everyone."  Said he had other patients who have been told the same thing lately.  LOL

He said he's always sorry to hear of anyone developing dementia but more so with Lyn.  "Aside from her being so young, she is so delightful and the thought of that changing is sad.  Lyn is one of the sweetest patients (he) has."  The hygienist always enjoys Lyn's update on bowling and was so excited today about her new, orange/white bowling ball.

We were done quickly but Lyn was bummed that they were out of toothbrushes.  Their delivery hadn't arrived this week."


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