Bowling Scores

Lyn had bowling today.  Afterwards, Lyn and her respite provider met her husband for dinner afterwards.  I have not yet met him, but both Lyn and Mom speak very highly of everyone in the respite provider's family.  They have included Lyn in their family events such as a barbecue birthday party for two cousins.

The respite provider's husband always engages Lyn when he sees her.  Tonight he asked her how many games she bowled and how her scores were.  Now, this was about half hour after she left the alley.  She looked confused and said "we practiced then bowled the usual way."  The respite provider asked Lyn how many games did they bowl and Lynn didn't know so she said "two" and Lynn said "oh yeah."  Her husband asked about Lyn's scores and Lyn said "they were ok."   Lyn had to be reminded of the scores being over 100.  Lyn just nodded her head.

It is highly unusual for Lyn to not remember her scores.  Is this a change or a fluke?  I suspect it is too early to know but we'll note it in case it becomes a pattern.


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