TMI Time

It is officially TMI time. Please accept my apologies.

In the effort to document the changes we're observing in my sister, I'm not going to be leaving anything out; not even the personal hygiene issues. Here we go...

Last month, when Lyn's period started, she completely panicked. She screamed that she was bleeding and didn't know why. Once Mom reminded her it was her period, she calmed down. Through out that week, Mom had to remind her multiple times a day to tend to her hygiene needs.

This month, she didn't panic gain. She came out of the bathroom and announced that she had started. Mom asked her if she had put on a pad. Lyn was confused. She didn't know why she needed one. Mom had to direct her back into the bathroom to put one on. As with the month before, Lyn needed multiple daily reminders to tend to her hygiene needs.

It will be interesting to see how it goes next month.


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