Wondering if I'm Crazy

Mom wrote: Lyn started her (August) period Saturday while out with her respite provider.  (The one you mentioned in your TMI post was actually her July period.  Sorry for the confusion.)  I knew it was coming so I made her take a pad with her. Things, so far, have gone smoothly, no reminders needed. She has changed each day several times. Just like old times.

It is things like this that make me wonder if I'm imagining everything. Do I panic with the 'changes' since April? Am I looking for something different with her? Am I letting my imagination run wild? If I listened to the medical establishment the answer would be "yes." I learned a long time ago not to always listen to them. If Lyn's respite provider and speech therapist didn't see a decline over the last couple of months then I would wonder about myself.  They work with her each week and know her very well.

Her new Primary Care Physician seemed to brush me aside a bit. She asked if Lyn snored. LOL, like a freight train. Well, she said that explains it! When she snores she doesn't get enough oxygen to her brain--this is the cause of the brain damage. I asked her to please repeat what she just said to be sure I understood. She repeated and I just said "oh".

She asked Lyn if she cleaned her book shelves over & over.  Lyn said "yes, when I want to." I told the doctor that Lyn isn't obsessive compulsive about anything if that's what she's asking. She said that's what she was asking and was surprised that she does not have OCD. Maybe it's just me -- that was STUPID. We'll stick with the PA & not the PCP for everything except the physical. Since the State requires the PCP to do the annual physical that's all we'll see her for and continue with the PA on the dementia journey.

The neurologist who read the EEG said that since there is no sign of a stroke or seizure activity the brain is normal therefore the patient is normal & there was no need to see her. I refused to accept that and the PA agrees with me. So on 9/8 we'll see a neurologist with another practice. I'll take our copy of the MRI. The PA said they'll fax him everything but I hope he actually looks at the film.


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