Dear Neurologist

Lyn's speech therapist offered to write a letter to the neurologist recording the changes she has observed.  She wrote:

"I am Lyn’s long time Speech Therapist.  I was asked to describe the cognitive changes that I have observed recently with Lyn.

Expressively, Lyn is demonstrating word find difficulties when she is discussing remote events or places that she has attended.  (In this case, remote events would be described as places or things she has done over the previous weekend).  Lyn has always had difficulty with sequencing her stories together but she is now demonstrating difficulty with finding words in her conversations.  In addition, she is generally more hesitant to answer questions about these remote events.  She will often state that she “cannot remember” and then she will ask her mother for assistance in answering the question.  She seems to lose her train of thought easily in conversations.  She appears to have good recall of the most immediate events.

In therapy, Lyn and I work on increasing her sight reading skills.  She is still learning new sight words but it is taking much more practice with each word.   Lyn continues to be very excited about working on her reading skills.

I have also seen an increase in her irritability.   She has always been very cooperative in therapy but recently she has begun to be resistant to some of the tasks in therapy.  Her eye contact with this clinician has also decreased."

We so greatly appreciate the many hours of care she has dedicated to Lyn.  This note is just one of the ways she supports her clients.  

Thank you.


  1. Interesting blog, thank you. I wonder if you have mistakenly used a correct name in this post.

  2. Indeed. Thank you for catching that. We have corrected the slip. Despite it being reviewed by two of us, it slipped. Thank you again for your comment.


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