Tim's Place

Lyn like's Tim's Place. I can totally see why.

Earlier this week, we went to Tim's Place and had a great meal. But, that's not the point of this post. Tim's Place is an inspiration as is the restaurant's founder, Tim. Tim has Down's Syndrome.

As a volunteer for Special Olympics, I have met hundreds of individuals who have exceeded expectations. They are people who are not defined by their disability or any one medical condition. I have been fortunate to meet families who have not limited their children and have, instead, supported their endeavors to whatever level their children are capable of reaching. Clearly, Tim's family is one of these families.

When we walked into Tim's Place, we were greeted by every staff member on the floor. I recognize that their corporate policy is to greet customers. However, there's a difference between greeting out of obligation and greeting because you're genuinely happy to be there and like what you are doing there. The greetings we received were the genuinely happy ones. The waiter, the manager and Tim, himself were all invested in making sure that we had a good meal and a good experience.

Our conversation with Tim and being in his restaurant reminded me that Lyn's recent diagnosis does not need to define her. It is just one more challenge in a life filled with challenges. She didn't learn to speak until she was five but she learned. She isn't able to drive, doesn't own her own home, but she worked at Wendy's for 19 years. She's pays her taxes, has dated and maintains lifelong friendships.


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