Yep, that's backwards too

Lyn's 40 years old.  Lyn's fighting the effects of dementia.  Lyn just cut a tooth.  It is a molar.

After her visit to the dentist earlier this month, she complained that her mouth hurt and she thought the hygienist had nicked her.  It sounded plausible.  Earlier this week, she complained some more saying that it hurt when she bit on something.  After she brushed her teeth, Mom looked in her mouth and saw the molar cutting through the gums.

Mom called the dentist because she knew that x-rays had been done in the December visit.  He checked the x-rays and his nurse called back.  He confirms that there was a molar slowly creeping its way to the surface.  When he saw her two weeks ago, it hadn't cut through yet.  He assures Lyn and Mom that there is plenty of room for the tooth and it is not going to be impacted.

Mom writes:  "While it is unusual for a molar to come through at her age, it is not unheard of.  Yeah, leave it to one of my kids!"


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