Lyn goes bowling at least once a week. Sometimes, she goes twice. Lyn loves bowling. It is as much a social event for her as it is exercise. She bowls competitively with Special Olympics as do a number of her friends.

This week, Lyn got a new ball. It is orange and yellow and weighs 10 pounds. She is very excited to have a new ball. Her other one, a sparkly blue, had rolled many miles and was nicked. Over the past couple of years, she's put on weight and her fingers weren't fitting the holes well any more. When she got to the bowling alley, she went to the pro shop, picked out her new ball and was fitted quickly. Within 30 minutes, she had it and was ready to start her first game.

Since she has a new ball, I thought it might be a good time to start tracking her scores. It may seem like an arbitrary measure, but it may give us a consistent measure since she bowls on such a regular schedule.

This week's score was done with the new ball, of course.

First Game: 127
Second Game: 94

Lyn was thrilled!


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