Coloring Eggs

The day before Easter is commonly a day for dyeing Easter Eggs and wrapping up final preparations for the next day's festivities.  This was as true in our family as it is with so many others.  Even now, I will spend part of tomorrow's morning dyeing eggs with my own children.

I wanted to share with you today two sweet pictures of Lyn and some Easter preparations early in her life.  In the following pictures, it is 1973 and she is two years old.  If you have children, you know that events that happen when a child is two is really the first time when they are actively participating.  Despite her developmental delays, this was no different for Lyn.  It was the first time she could help dye the eggs.

She was mesmerized and studied both the dye and the eggs for a very long time.

What is not obvious in these pictures is that both Lyn and our brother were in quarantine with the chicken pox.

May your Easter preparations be this easy and sweet.


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