Spring Dresses

Each year, Mom always took us out to buy new spring outfits just in time for Easter.  It was so hard to wait until Easter to wear them.  We wanted to wear them right away.  We wanted to show them off.

I came across some pictures that brought back those memories and a smile.

I remember that pink pony puppet though I can't tell you why Lyn is looking so dubious.  At least she's not giving me The Look.  Based off the long braids, Lyn would have been about six years old in this picture.

One year later and the braids are gone.  I loved the butterfly on Lyn's dress.  It was a common motif on her early clothing which later became my early clothing.  Lyn didn't like to wear dresses but would wear one for Easter.  Today, she'll only wear one for a special event for a holiday dance.  For Lyn, being in the dress was mitigated by the excitement of the festivities.

Family festivities center around a meal with as many relatives around as possible.  It didn't matter the occasion; birthdays, Christmas, the Balloon Fiesta or Easter, Grandma and Grandpa came.  Mom's siblings and their families also frequently joined us.  My sister, being the social butterfly she is, loved these events.


  1. Ahhhh, for the good old, family filled holidays! Now I remember the dresses. You 2 were so cute from day one.


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