Evening Appointments

Mom has had to make a change to her schedule to alleviate stress on Lyn.  As I've mentioned in the past, Mom and Lyn are active members of their church community.  Occasionally, Mom has church commitments which occur in the evening hours.  

Up until recently, Lyn has been able to stay engaged and calm though the meetings.  Her dementia is progressing and she's no longer even remotely comfortable.  Mom writes:

"I had a Pastoral Council meeting at church.  She always goes with me.  After about 45 minutes, I could see her fold into herself.  If you saw her do it you would think "She is cold and just trying to keep warm."   The meeting went 1.5 hours and when we were done the deacon wanted to ask me something.  I answered him then turned around just in time to see her bolt out the door.  It was 9pm.  I pushed through everyone to get out to her.  The Sundowner's was in full throttle.  I said "Wait!" and all I heard was "I don't see the car!"  It wasn't directly in front where we park in the mornings.

I realized I have another change to make to my schedule.  I have been teaching a Pre-Baptism class on the second Saturday of each month.  It has been changed to the second Tuesday at 7 PM.  I told Father this morning that I won't be able to continue the class now that it is in the evening.  I explained a bit about Sundowner's.  I was afraid I'd be chasing after her like last night.  He said "Of course your first obligation is to Lyn."  He'll get someone else to teach.  When we got home, she was hyper and couldn't settle down even after her bath.    Finally got her to bed about 10:30."

Even the ladies at day hab have commented on the changes in her recently.  Mom writes:

"Yesterday when I picked her up they were all outside.  I talked to one of the day hab employees a bit.  She said how nice it is that Lyn comes in every morning so happy.  She's still Miss Sunshine but they have noticed how she seems, some days, to struggle mentally, with her reading, her money etc.  They keep everything low-key for her."


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