Those Pesky Words

Lyn has been working with her speech therapist for over a decade.  The therapist has been working with Lyn on a small book of sight words as part of their normal exercises.  At her greatest level of proficiency, Lyn had the ability to read about 125 sight words.  Now, on a good day, Lyn can read about 100 sight words.  The loss of those words has mostly happened over the past 8 months.

In addition to the loss of her sight words, Lyn's also now flipping words.  For example, when she offered mom the hole punch, she said "pole hunch."  It is happening so frequently that our brains are just automatically switching the words for her.  We all do it occasionally.  She's doing it multiple times daily.

Words are just a bit more of a challenge for Lyn.


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