Consistent Scores

Lately, Lyn's been bowling a 104 each week.  This typically occurs in the second game, but has happened a couple of times in her first game.

Her scores so far this year seem to be a bit more consistent than when we began charting last year.  I don't know if this is significant or reflects the changes going on in her brain.  I do find it interesting, nonetheless.

This week's high score of 143 was very exciting for Lyn.  She insisted on calling our uncle to see if he had ever scored that well in bowling.  He's a rancher; not a bowler.  The two are not mutually exclusive.  However, if you knew my uncle, you'd know this is a man who has never traded out his cowboy boots for bowling shoes and never will.  He loves Lyn and is easily amused by his conversations with her.  He assured her she was a better bowler than he and that he didn't remember ever getting such a high score.


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