Getting in the Spirit

Lyn is happy to play along and get into the festive spirit no matter the holiday.

It doesn't matter if the occasion calls for a pair of bunny ears, a little face paint, or playing a silly game.  She's always been willing to participate and laugh along.  I love how relaxed her smile is in this picture.

Do you remember the game "Barrel of Monkeys"?  This is an Easter themed one.  She was trying to chain bunnies by their ears.  This was her longest chain at four bunnies before she got frustrated with the game.  This picture was from 2007 and the difference between these two pictures is striking to me.  Despite her frustration, she still enjoyed the day for the most part.

Please note the center piece in the lower left.  It will be explained in tomorrow's post.  Yes, it needs an explanation.


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