A New Shirt

My husband and I have been fortunate enough to travel outside the US a couple of times as a result of our jobs.  When these trips occurred, Mom and Lyn would graciously fly out to stay with our children while we were gone.  It worked out beautifully each time.  Mom got unrestricted access to the grandchildren.  Lyn got to go somewhere each day.  We were able to travel knowing our children were safe and secure.  It was such a gift to have them with someone that took all worry out of the situation.

We knew, however, that we better not come back empty handed.  Of course, the kids wanted us to bring them back something.  However, so did Aunt Lyn.  She's subtle, remember?

Finding a gift for her is a challenge on a good day.  Fortunately, she's been pleased when we bring her a tee shirt from our destination.  She seems to love the brightly colored screen-printed shirts that clutter the tourist traps.  If her tastes were different, I would gladly put more effort into finding her something more unique or something that really highlights the skills of the craftsmen and women in the area we visit.  If her tastes were different, I would spend a bit more for her and do it gladly.

Then again, it is Lyn.  She likes what she likes.  That smile above should tell you just how much she likes those screen-printed tees from the tourist traps.  It is what she would buy herself if she were there with us.


  1. Tee shirts are ALWAYS a perfect choice for her. She wears this one at least once a week.

  2. I love to see her smile :-)


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