The Unexplainable

Mom and Lyn have a three bedroom house.  Mom has the master suite and Lyn has a bedroom.  The third bedroom stores some of Lyn's belongings like her desk and serves as a guest room.  Lyn has swapped rooms more than once.  The last time she changed rooms was a couple of years ago.

This week, Mom painted Lyn's room as a result of a request from Lyn.  Lyn picked out the color.  The paint smell was fairly strong and took 4 days to really clear out of the room.  Lyn didn't want to sleep in there.  Mom wasn't sure if the paint fumes and the oxygen condenser together in the same room would be a problem.  Mom moved Lyn's oxygen condenser into the guest room where Lyn has been sleeping ever since.

Lyn has no desire to go back to sleeping in her bedroom.  Her tv, clothing and the vast majority of her belongings are there.  Mom has no desire to move the furniture from one room back to the other.  Lyn has a very large and heavy dresser which takes multiple people to move.  It is so large that it is difficult to maneuver it through the 90-degree turn from the hall into the guest room.  Of the two rooms, the guest room is smaller.

Lyn is not expressing a desire to move the furniture.  Nor is she expressing any insight into why she's still sleeping in the guest room.  Each day Mom asks if Lyn would like the oxygen condenser moved back to her room.  Each day, Lyn says "No."

Personally, I wonder if lighting has a lot to do with it.  Of the two rooms, Lyn's is the darker room.  The guest room is fairly bright at night because of the exterior lighting just outside the room's large bay window.

There are times, even before the dementia diagnosis, that Lyn would do something that was just unexplainable.  This is one of them.  It is not an issue.  It is just something a little bit different that she's currently doing.


  1. Lyn has always been told that she has options. She's just expressing her option to use both rooms.


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