In a Car Accident

On Thursday, Lyn was in a car accident.  She's fine.  Her right arm is sore.

Lyn was with one of the day hab care providers and three other clients on their way to bowling.  They were backing out of a drive way when another driver hit the passenger back door.  The witnesses to the accident state that the other driver came to a complete stop after seeing the car was already in the street and then accelerated and caused the accident.  Lyn was seated at the door that was struck.

When the accident occurred and 911 was called, the city sent out the EMT's, a fire truck and a police officer.  Lyn was understandably quite upset; near hysterical.  When the EMT's arrived, they were able to calm her down and check her over.  Her vitals were fine.  The arm is sore.

Lyn showed them her medical alert bracelet.  They looked it over and saw Mom's contact information on the back.  As soon as they saw it, they directed the care provider to call Mom while they checked Lyn over.  It turns out that they are required to call when a medical bracelet includes a "In Case of Emergency" contact name and number.  The EMT, who Lyn says was cute and very nice, told Mom that there was no medical necessity for transporting Lyn to the emergency room.  He asked Mom if she wanted Lyn transported anyway.  Mom declined saying that they would go to urgent care if Lyn took a turn for the worse.

As the EMT examined Lyn, she was too upset to state her birthday or their home address.  A few hours later, when she was calm and back at home, she was able to state both.  She was pretty upset that she couldn't remember those pieces of information and apologized to Mom.  Mom assured her it was OK and that in an emergency we all can forget our address or birthdate.

When we ordered the medical bracelet last month, we bought it in case she wandered off or got lost.  We definitely didn't anticipate it coming into play so soon.  However, we're glad Lyn had it on.

Everyone agreed that Lyn would skip bowling this week.  She bowls with her right hand and it is her right arm that is sore.  So, here are the bowling scores for the last two weeks.


  1. Very glad Lyn is okay!! On a side note, her bowling scores are great!

  2. Thank you. She has a bruise on top of her hand but isn't as sore as I expected. YEA.
    She's going bowling with a new respite provider today "For the Fun of it."


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