Lyn and Mom are very active members of their church community.  They are there for Mass several times each week in addition to their other church related activities.  When I visited this summer, it was obvious that Lyn was having difficulty kneeling during Mass.  When I visited in November, it was more of a struggle.  Mom was having to reach out to steady Lyn so she could shift into or out of a kneel.

Mom indicates that over the past couple of weeks, Lyn's balance has become more unsteady.  The assistance is no longer enough.  As of this weekend, Lyn is no longer able to kneel at all.  This is not a result of the car accident on Friday.  The inability to kneel was not a result of sore or stiff muscles.  She just doesn't have the coordination or balance to do it any more.

Mom quietly leaned over to Lyn and said "It is OK if you just sit back."  Lyn did and no further comment was made.  


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