Her Bracelet

Last week, Lyn's medical alert bracelet arrived at my home.  After taking a photo of it to share with you, I mailed it on to her.

The open link in the center foreground is actually a safety clasp.  After Mom puts the bracelet on Lyn and pushes that V closed, Lyn won't be able to open it herself.  However, the clasp will not interfere with her movements.  We hope that Lyn quickly gets used to wearing the bracelet.  She's gotten used to sleeping with the nasal cannula already so this should be pretty easy on her.


  1. You'll also need to make sure that she can't move it over her hand. I wear one, too, and as I've lost weight, it's become possible to remove it.

  2. Thanks for the hint. I can use all the help I can get. Your feedback has been so invaulable throughout.

  3. Thanks, AZThespos. We measured her before we ordered. I made sure it was larger than her wrist but smaller than the biggest part of her hand. I had the same problem with my own and my new one is a full inch smaller than my old one.


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